Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free Online Dating : Join Free But Also Don't Rush It

There is plenty of information on the internet about free online dating, but you won't find much better advice than to take your time. There are millions of opportunities to meet other singles on the internet, so there's no point in rushing into a relationship.

When people first start using a free online dating forum, they may be tempted to rush into the dating relationships too quickly. That is a mindset that is unnecessary with this type of dating service. Since you are not forking over your hard earned dollars for web site subscriptions, you won't have to hurry to get every possible introduction possible from the site before your subscription runs out. You will be able to take your time and enjoy the casual feeling of not being rushed to make dating decisions too quickly. You should make sure that you decide to get better acquainted with someone you met online only after chatting with them several times and hitting it off.


If you believe that there is only one pre-destined mate in the entire universe for you and you are just out of luck if you never meet that person, perhaps a free online dating service is not for you. A dating forum gives you the opportunity to meet many different people online and any one of them may be a wonderful relationship to explore. You may also fall in love with the first person you meet on that internet dating site.

Don't settle for Mr Wrong

Just because that free online dating service has millions of members, don't assume that the first person who matches all of your profile requests exactly is meant to be the person that you spend the balance of your life with. You may find your heart's desire in such a way, but you are more likely to get to know the person gradually in order to have a long term relationship or even marriage. No person should settle for someone just because there is no one else in sight at the moment.


When you are first entering into the field of free online dating, don't make the mistake of asking for or expecting commitment too quickly. You may be ready to settle down, but not everyone else that you will come in contact with will be so anxious to respond to a verbal or emotional commitment. On the other side of the coin, don't let someone who is pushing for commitment too rapidly to convince you against your will to enter into a relationship that you will quickly grow to regret. Because the cost of the web site is zero, you won't be out anything other than time if you walk away from a relationship that you began offline.

Playing the field

Playing the field is a good way to begin with your free online dating adventures. Playing the field can have a negative connotation, but it is not always the wrong action, particularly if the person is one who is easily swayed into movement by others through convincing emotions or sometimes, more rarely, by someone who is in charge.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Dating Sites : Join Free and Learn How Do They Operate

A description of how the free dating sites operate will help you to make a decision about using them. It's not hard to find the information you need to make a good decision.

Free dating sites are quite simply--free. That is, they are free to the end user. The expectation is that in gratitude for using the dating site at no cost to himself or herself, the single person will purchase goods and services from the commercial advertisers that pay for the placement of promotional material on the web site. In practice, this is probably true, since seeing name or a logo several times will make it more readily called into memory when needed for purchasing decisions. In turn, the more people who visit the free site and click on the message from the advertiser, the more likely the advertiser is to renew or increase the advertising message, simply because it's obviously working.

Commercial advertisers

Advertisers like to place their information and products on sites such as free dating sites. These are sites that are visited by many individuals who have an interest in new products and services, and who often have significant disposable income. When singles visit the site and enjoy their experience there, they tend to be more favorably disposed toward the advertisers that present their goods on the web site. As the advertisers see more visitors and more hits on the product, they are willing to increase their advertising budget significantly, which in turn will bring in more visitors to the site.

Profile publicity

There are some people who place their pictures on the free dating sites as a publicity gimmick. They may be hoping for work in the movies, advertising or in modeling and find that the exposure gained on such a site is very valuable in furthering their careers. Because there are safeguards built into the sites so that you only release the personal information that you deem appropriate, using the site to improve your visibility can be a profitable idea.

Informational articles

Free dating sites attract people because of the profiles they find and because of the informational materials that are available on the web site. The articles are sometimes purchased from brokers and sometimes submitted by visitors to the site to attract visitors to other web sites. The free sites are benefited by such articles since they attract more visitors who are in search of information on the various subjects covered in the articles. The subjects can be about dating or about relationships. They can be serious self-help articles or can be humorous comments on the dating scene in general.


The links that can be found on the free dating sites are very helpful both to the free site and to the other web pages that use links in order to bring visitors in from a popular free site. The search engines include popularity of good incoming links as a measurement in page ranking for the web sites containing the links. A higher page rank with the search engines equates to more search engine results hits and higher revenues from the page. Those who make a business of search engine optimization take such positive link results into account when designing new web pages.

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