Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best online dating service Misrepresentation Lines Ever Written

Are you ready to hear some of the best online dating service misrepresentations that have been used? Some of them are pathetic, some are comical and some are outright nasty. Read on to find out some of the best online dating service misrepresentations we have encountered.

Really, I’m divorced

This is one of the best online dating service lies and one of the most frequently used. Just because someone says they are divorced, doesn’t mean they are not now married to someone else. Lots of times people will lead you on up to and past the first date about their marital status. One of the best online dating service lines regarding this is “Remember when I said I was divorced? Well I forgot to mention that I have since remarried.”

Does Mediterranean mean African American?

If you are unsure of someone race because they are ambiguous about relating information regarding that to you, then don’t meet them in person if you harbor strong feelings about interracial dating. Sometimes people will not reveal their true heritage as they think it may negatively affect the person they are interested in dating. One of the best online dating service misrepresentations that will be found out immediately is race and ethnic background; so why try and hide it?

The big, big hunk of burning love

Another one of the best online dating service misrepresentations that will be found out as soon as you meet is the size of a person. Leaving out the fact that you have a weight problem in hopes that the other person will get to know you first and not care about your appearance is nothing but a fantasy. Not telling someone you are overweight before you meet can leave you feeling embarrassed and the person you are meeting uncomfortable. To have the best online dating service experience, it is always wise to either post a true picture of yourself that shows your size or to mention it to a person you have been chatting with about this fact if you want to meet face to face.

Look how hot I am!

Posting a picture that is not a true representation of you is another one of the best online dating service lies. Lots of people indulge in the practice of posting pictures of themselves when they were young, fit and in shape. It is obvious if you are talking to someone in their 40’s posts a picture of themselves when they were in their late teens or early 20’s that there is definitely a body issue happening. Misleading a prospective date about any part of your appearance will not help you to have the best online dating service experience. If someone is dishonest about their appearance, you can be pretty sure they will be dishonest in many other areas of their life as well.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

How You Can Have the Best Internet Dating Experience

What are the keys to having the best internet dating experience? The difference between finding success and the right kind of people, and finding lots of duds and losers, is affected by a few important factors. Find out what these factors are to be sure that you have the best internet dating experience possible.

What to watch out for in a perspective date

In order for you to have the best internet dating experience that is possible, you should be aware of a few scams that may be tried out on you that are popular with con artists you may encounter on many unsecured and free internet dating sites. One of the most popular involves getting you to part with your money. Beware of a person asking for money no matter what the reason. To have the best internet dating experience, you need to value yourself and know that someone with honest intentions would never ask a person they did not know for money.

Beware of a person that seems just too good to be true because in reality they probably are. Many spouses are looking for extra marital relationships and will say just about anything to attract potential partners. To ensure you have the best internet dating experience, do some research about the site you intend to use and check if there has been any fraud associated with it.

Create a profile to enable you to have the best internet dating experience

To have the best internet dating experience not just for you, but for your prospective dates as well, you are best advised to create a profile that is truthful. Just as you don’t want to be lied to neither does your intended date. They want to have the best internet dating experience too. Though you may want to present potential dates with a photograph that shows you to your best advantage in order to have the best internet dating experience, provide a recent photo of yourself and not one of you in your long ago prime. Nothing is worse than expecting one thing and being unprepared to see a person who is overweight that has posted a picture of them as slim and trim.

Be sure you tell your correct age, height and weight and be truthful about your relationship status. Posting a recent photo of yourself is said to increase your responses by at least 50%. You should also state in your profile exactly what it is you are looking for, whether it is a long term relationship, or just to find a date with which to have some fun.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Are You Ready to Date Again? How about Trying an Online Dating Site

The reasons you may have ended your last relationship when examined can change your perspective about the type of person you are looking to meet with an online dating site.

Using an online dating site to get your feet wet again in regards to the dating and mating scene can be a great way for lots of people to plunge back into the waters of love.

How you know you are ready to date again?

The amount of time that passes before you are ready to date again can depend a lot on how your past relationship ended. You may be a widow, divorced or recently ended a long term relationship. If your relationship did not end in death, you may need to examine some of the reasons that the relationship failed and what role you played in its demise.

Using an online dating site can be a great way to reach out and meet new people in your area and beyond. You can use an online dating site to find someone you want to settle down with, or to find some good company to go out and see a movie with and have a good time. When you have done a little self reflection, and know what you are looking for in an online dating site, you may be ready to go and test the waters.

When you have stopped putting yourself down in ways like “I’ll never get married” or “Why would anyone think I’m attractive,” it may be time for you to date again. When you have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, this will communicate to prospective dates whether in person or on an online dating site. Positive attracts positive and that may be what just what the doctor ordered for you in a new mate.

Benefits of using an online dating site

You might not be the type of person into the club and bar scene, so where will you meet prospective partners? Using an online dating site allows you to search for that special someone without standing around and feeling like you are being judged. An online dating site can allow you to get to know a person before committing to a date in ways that communicating face to face doesn’t permit. Many times when you meet someone on an online dating site you will share things of a more intimate nature than had you met in person. Using a service online may introduce you to the person of your dreams if you give it a chance.

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