Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Dating Sites : Are Free Sites Safe To Join?

Free dating sites contain features that make them safe to use. As long as you follow some common sense guidelines, you can enjoy your new dating venue.

Free dating sites are sometimes considered less than safe, but the facts confirm that when you are prudent about the information that you make available on the internet, you are just as safe as you would be in a singles bar. After all, you really don't know the truth about anyone until you have an opportunity to visit with them personally. The personal visits can be conducted on the internet or at a coffeehouse or other public location, but you still must take time to get to know someone before committing to a further relationship. Here are a few tips to help make your online dating safe.

Maintain your privacy

There are free dating sites that are just as secure as the paid sites. The important thing to remember is that you should never give out personal or sensitive information where it can be accessed by anyone who comes in the site. This includes your address, social security number, telephone number, where you work, or where you go to school. Certainly you should protect financial information such as checking accounts, credit card number or driver’s license number. Any of the above information can be used to access other information about you and you could end up in serious financial or personal danger.

Take it slow

When you are entering one of the free dating sites, or even a paid site, don't be in a rush to make things happen on the romantic front. Take time to review profiles and contact only those that you are truly interested appear to be a good match at least as far as you can tell from the profile. If there is a chat room, visit with individuals there, or agree to meet one person specifically. Don't be too quick to assume that the person is the love of your life. Try to get to know them online before making arrangements to meet them in person.

Building a friendship

Even though you are looking for relationships on free dating sites, don't assume that that's somehow second class. Learn about the people on the site before taking it to the next level which is building friendships. If you and the online friend can't carry on a conversation online, what makes you think you will be able to discuss anything face to face? Deciding if the individual is someone you want to be friends with is the first step in dating.

First meeting

If you decide that the relationship developed on free dating sites is one that you want to take to the next level, you can arrange to meet somewhere. This should be a public place and a neutral place. In other words, don't meet at his hotel room in your hometown. Probably the first meeting should be somewhere like a coffee shop or restaurant so that there are other people around. If you can rely on a friend to double date or at least to be available so the meeting is more of a group thing rather than a romantic interlude, you will be more relaxed about the meeting.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Online Dating Service - Things To Look Out For When Choosing a Free Site

Making the right choice of a free online dating service is crucial to your happiness and stress levels. Here are a few pointers to help you make the right choice for you and your future when you join free.

Years ago, there were only a few online dating services and they all cost money. Some of them ran as much as $50 a month to join, and you had to fill out a substantial questionnaire. Today, however there are dozens of free services that are available online. When searching for a free online dating service, look for the following points:


Just because you are joining a free dating service is no reason for you to throw your privacy out the window. You want to make sure that your service does not sell your information to other services. While most free services keep your information private, others may use your information to sell to other sites. If you want to be sure that your information is kept between you and the free online dating service and not sold to third parties.


You want to make sure that the free online dating service gives you the options that you need in order to find the right person. In other words, you should make sure that the site will allow you to put down information that you feel is important when looking for a dating partner. If you are looking for a long term relationship, you should have the option of stating this. While some free dating sites give you these options, others do not. Make sure the one you choose has the options that you need. If you are looking for a way to screen out smokers or those who are heavy drinkers, make sure that you find a free internet dating site that has options that you need to make sure the experience is pleasant.


If you are not interested in certain people contacting you, you should have the option for filtering in your free online dating service. Most of the services have a filtering option and these can really come in handy when you are trying to keep some people away from you. If, for example, you are not interested in people who are young enough to be your child, you can filter these people out. The internet dating site should be a pleasant experience for you and you should not have to talk to anyone with whom you do not want to communicate.


You can sometimes have more fun in the chat rooms and forums than you can in the search for Mr. or Ms. Right. Why not find a free online dating service that gives you these options so that you can take advantage of the site as much as possible. In addition to chat rooms, you can also find sites that have forums. This can be a great way to meet new people and even get advice.

Joining a free online dating site should be an opportunity for you to have fun and meet interesting people who you would not ordinarily meet. Take advantage of all of the amenities that are offered in your free online dating service so that you can have the most fun and meet the most interesting people.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Internet Dating Service - Tips For Joining a Free Site

Everyone needs a little help when making the decision in joining the free internet dating service scene. You could definitely do with a few tips. Find out how you can make your experience memorable in a free site.

If you want to make the most of your experience on your free internet dating service, take the following tips:

Let them see you!

Many people are afraid to post a photo on their profile page when they join a free internet dating service. They are afraid that someone they know will see their photo and recognize them. They do not think to wonder what someone else will be doing on the free dating service. There is nothing wrong with want to meet someone to date. There is something wrong, however, with wanting to be a recluse. Be proud of the fact that you are doing something about getting out and meeting people and do not be afraid to post a photo of yourself on your free dating service.

Write An Honest Profile

Yes, you can pretend to be whoever you want on the internet - but is that what you really want to do? Suppose you meet someone who you really like and then have to fess up to the deceit? This may put an end to a relationship that might have worked out. Write an honest profile and do not be ashamed of anything about yourself. You want to find someone who will love you for you, not for who you are pretending to be.

Meet Them

So many people are brave enough to join a free internet dating service, but then chicken out when it comes to actually meeting someone. This defeats the purpose of joining the site. If you want to meet someone, then throw caution to the wind and get out and meet them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when meeting new people through the free internet dating service. The worst case scenario brings you to Starbucks where you enjoy a cup of coffee. At least you got out of the house.

Give Them A Chance To Know You

Do not make the mistake that if someone wants to see you for a second time that you should go out and order wedding invitations. A date is just a date, especially when you are first starting out a relationship. You need to allow the relationship to start out slow and take its course. Allow yourselves to get to know each other on a friendship basis first before you move it towards a heavy relationship. Enjoy the friendship and the time together and look for something that the two of you have in common so that you can build on a lasting relationship.

Do not be afraid to find true love on the free internet dating service. Thousands of people have done just the same and even ended up marrying someone that they met online. Online dating is one of the most acceptable ways to meet men and women. Where else can you meet such a variety of different men and women? Make sure that you take the above tips and get the most out of your free internet dating service experience.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free Internet Dating - The Pros And Cons

Although free internet dating is the craze of this era, you should be well informed about the pros and the cons. You will find that the pros completely outweigh the cons. Happy reading and join the free ride!

If you are thinking that you have to pay hundreds of dollars in order to partake in internet dating, think again. Free internet dating is all the rage and there are dozens of sites that will allow you to sign up and begin meeting people for absolutely no charge.

There are pros and cons to free online dating. The negatives are as follows:

Anyone can join

This means that anyone can join - married people, felons, etc. Because the site is free, there is no check as to who can join. While other sites promise to prosecute those who say they are single and are married, free internet dating means you have to take your chances.

However, you pretty much have to take your chances with any of the dating sites. Those that promise to screen out felons and married people can do little more than promise. Anyone can sign up with another name if they so choose. Because you do not have a false sense of security with free online dating, you are probably safer using one of these sites than a paid site that promises to screen people.

People tend to have little money

There is a conception that people who join a free internet dating site have little or no money. However, this is not necessarily true. Some people do not want to waste their money on a paid site when they can get the same thing for free. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that anyone who you meet on a paid site is going to be a millionaire.

The pros to joining a free internet dating site are as follows:

No hounding by the site

Because you are not putting down any money, you do not have to worry about being hounded to death by the site that will not want you to escape from their clutches once the time period ends. People who have met someone they liked, left the dating site and gotten married are often still pestered to re join the dating site. Why? Because their membership means revenue for the site. As a free internet dating site gets no revenue if you join or quit, they will never pester you to join the site.

No hidden fees

Beware of the hidden fees in some paid dating sites. They tell you that you can cancel your membership on the first day of the month but then bill you ten days prior. When you go to cancel, they tell you that you are signed up for another 20 days so you might as well not cancel yet and enjoy the site. They hope you will forget to cancel in time so they can continue to bill your credit card. You have no such problem with a free internet dating site.

You will meet the same type of people on a free internet dating site as you will on a paid internet dating site. You just have to be yourself and enjoy meeting new people and you will find someone who you like and who also likes you.

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